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If you need an integrated communications plan, we are the right agency for you. We can take your message and shape it to create an engaging narrative.

Wahl-Weise - Der aktuelle HimmelsSchreiber Podcast zur Bundestagswahl 2021

Dr. Michael Fuchs, ehemaliger stellvertretender Fraktionsvorsitzender der CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion und Klaus-Peter Schmidt-Deguelle, ehemaliger Staatssekretär und Berater von Bundesfinanzminister Hans Eichel, beleuchten für die HimmelsSchreiber den Bundestags-Wahlkampf und den Wahlausgang.

Episode #4

Wer wir sind

HimmelsSchreiber der ersten Stunde

Wir sind erfahrene und unabhängige Kommunikationspiloten. Wir haben sowohl analoge als auch digitale Medien auf dem Radar. Wir bringen Sie und Ihre Botschaften genau dorthin, wo Sie hin wollen. Schnell, zielgerichtet und erfolgreich. Wir sind Journalisten, Wirtschaftslenker, Politik-Profis und Digital Natives. Wir kennen die wichtigsten Ansprechpartner in Medien, Unternehmen und Politik.

Dr. Michael J. Inacker
Founding Director

Connects the worlds of politics, media and business – as an experienced journalist, ministerial speechwriter and communications expert at two DAX companies.

“A story is always a story —whether it’s told in print or through digital media.”

Michael Behrens
Founding Director

A man of many careers: an experienced television journalist, media coach and international PR, marketing and sales manager at a DAX-listed company

Form follows function - We put the story at the heart of all we do. Form and colour follow.”

What makes us different

Our fully integrated service package

Language that people understand, engaging narratives and expert navigation. We are highly experienced media professionals, so we can address your stakeholders with pinpoint accuracy. With us handling all your communication requirements, you can sit back, relax and trust that your message will have the desired impact.

What we do

Our areas of expertise

Of all our services, we see increasing focus on corporate communication – along with crisis communication for damage control and individual CEO communication.

For us, public affairs and finance communication are part of an overall political and media concept to promote your interests to policy-makers and the public.

We will identify the best print and digital communications channels for you in each of these areas.

  • Corporate communication
  • Finance and investor communication
  • Crisis communication
  • CEO communication and support
  • Dialogue with politics and the public
  • Media and performance coaching
  • Training new PR managers
  • Internal communication
  • Litigation PR
  • Social Media Management
  • Video production
  • Presentation design

Come aboard

Ready for new Horizons

We’re always developing our expertise in the digital world to help safely steer our clients through the turbulent media landscape. We bring together experience and expertise in the traditional world of print and new media. We never stand still but keep our focus on the future.