Why Skywriters?

It’s inspiring to watch skywriters draw letters up in the heavens. They excite the desire within us to soar beyond our boundaries and reach great heights.

Jets painting signs in the sky with their condensation trails. Propeller planes artfully creating entire letterings.

The sky becomes a media platform. Like on a blue canvas, signs emerge that we read, interpret as messages and perceive as something special.

Discovering new horizons with communication

In the 20th century, skywriters revolutionized advertising and communication. Messages found a new stage and gained a new perception. We feel obliged to this. As the agency "The Skywriters" we open up new horizons of communication.

Our clients can expect the unexpected: Only the sky is the limit.


The Loop 

Our trademark was designed to reflect our goals – a loop, as if drawn in the sky by a plane – painted by Berlin artist Kiddy Citny. You can see more in our video. Kiddy overcomes borders to create new things, never allowing himself to be limited by a situation. He was among the artists who broke out and painted sections of the Berlin Wall. He is guided by the idea of freedom, and going beyond constraints – and that’s what we do for our clients, too. We’re looking forward to working with you.

The Loop by Kiddy Citny