Who we are

Skywriters right from the outset:
Dr. Michael J. Inacker
Founding Director

Connects the worlds of politics, media and business – as an experienced journalist, ministerial speechwriter and communications expert at two DAX companies.

“A story is always a story —whether it’s told in print or through digital media.”

Michael Behrens
Founding Director

A man of many careers: an experienced television journalist, media coach and international PR, marketing and sales manager at a DAX-listed company

Form follows function - We put the story at the heart of all we do. Form and colour follow.”

Our Team

Who we are

The Skywriters are politics and communications professionals. Many are former journalists, have extensive communications experience or have far-reaching networks in business and politics.

Dietrich Alexander

Veteran journalist with a second sense for gripping stories and engaging writing.

“All communication is an intellectual challenge.“

Dr. Michael Fuchs
Senior Advisor

Well-networked and deeply knowledgeable about the world of politics thanks to 15 years as a member of the German parliament.

“The best intentions and ideas won’t get very far if they are poorly communicated.“

Stephanie Hundacker
Assistant to the Management

Organizational genius who always has an overview and keeps a cool head.

“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go“ (Shakespeare)

Linda Mögel

At home in the digital world, she does creative storytelling beyond the boundaries of social media. 

"'You cannot not communicate digitally,' Watzlawick already knew."

Klaus‑Peter Schmidt‑Deguelle
Senior Advisor

Former editor in chief of VOX and secretary of state, familiar with the cutting edge of business and politics.

“Slow and steady wins the race – each and every communication should be prepared and implemented strategically and sustainably.“

Sabine Seeger-Regling
Senior Advisor - Office Brussels

Worked for many years as a European correspondent and is well acquainted with the EU institutions. She knows the Brussels business and guides profoundly through the EU regulatory thicket.

"Our life is what our thoughts make it", Mark Aurelius knew. Transferred to the business community, one could say: "Our business is what creativity and communication make it".

Volker Siegert
Director - Office Frankfurt

A crisis-tested finance professional with years of experience managing, advising and consulting projects in Germany’s banking capital.

Good communication requires creativity and clarity, curiosity and nerve, faith and reliability“

Mirelle Georg
Working student

As a working student with focus on PR and many years of experience in high-performance sports, she has an eye on all topics ranging from automotive to feature pages to business.

"The biggest communication problem: most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply."


Come aboard

The Skywriters are always looking for talented communications professionals. Please send your resume to: berlin@remove-this.die-himmelsschreiber.com